More than just a place to live

Residence provides you with the opportunity to build friendships and experience life on campus.

Located on the Durham College – North Oshawa Campus



I have had a good time at this residence; I felt like I have grown as a person. I have also made a lot of friends here. Overall, my experience has been great, so of course I would recommend residence to someone else.


Over the course of my 4 years at this residence I’ve had an exceptional experience with all aspects. Cleaning, maintenance, roommates, etc. were all above and beyond my expectations.

Testimonial 3

Residence is an absolutely fantastic community to start your university/college life. It is convenient; you get to meet all sorts of people and make new connections. It builds a solid foundation for all future years.

Testimonial 4

I enjoy and appreciate the safe and comfortable environment created by the efforts of the residence staff.

Testimonial 5

Overall, I believe the residence experience was extremely worth it and I do think it has made my university experience much better.

Testimonial 6

I love the experience and the people I have met during my stay here. It is a great place for first years transitioning from living away from home.

Testimonial 7

I have really enjoyed the residence experience; I felt safe and it was nice having the support of the RAs (Residence Advisors).

Testimonial 8

It’s a great opportunity to meet people live in an academic community while still having fun with friends. Residence is clean, friendly, welcoming and safe.

Testimonial 9

Everything is good. Just like my home.


I love Residence because of 24/7 front desk services, maintenance and housekeeping services. It’s also really close to campus.